Classic Parallels

The Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies is about these school kids who’s plane crashes on an island The kids are forced to create their own government, because their are no grown ups around. The thought of any government is quickly diminished when a mysterious “Beast turns up”. The book I thought was similar to this was The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner is about this teenage boy named Thomas who wakes up in this mysterious elevator and he only remembers his name. When the elevator opens up he is soon surrounded by kids who call themselves The Gladers. The Gladers welcome him to The Glade a community surrounded by a maze. Every day the maze opens and The Galders try to find a way out. And every night beasts called Grievers roam the maze. The Story follows Thomas as he and The Gladers try to find a way out of the maze and find out who sent them. I think they are similar in the way that they force these kids to set up their own government and rules to prevent chaos in their new environment and the affects that has. Both books show what an extreme environment like theirs can do to some people in both negative and positive ways. It’s really interesting how they set up their governments and rules so quickly, because they know without rules people will do whatever they want.


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