Classic Parallels or Similiar’s

Animal Farm

I finished reading Animal Farm by George Orwell recently, and found that it is really similar to the dystopian books that are so popular nowadays in the sense that most dystopian books have conformity and totalitarianism or someone having total authority over a group of people. Animal Farm is about animal’s on a farm that feel like their farmer is mistreating and abusing them very badly and so they take over the farm and set up their own form of “Government” which they think will be good for all the animals. The story is mainly about the aftermath of them setting up that government and how It affects them. A book that came to mind throughout reading this is Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. This book is about Tally and how she lives in a world where when you are 16 you undergo surgery that turns you into a “Pretty”. But in this world everyone wants to become pretty, because everybody else is doing it and they strive for conformity and to be like everybody else. In Animal Farm you see this sense of giving into conformity as well and you see what the animal’s start to based on what the other animals start to do and how they acct. I would Animal Farm (or any of George Orwell’s books) to people who enjoy reading dystopian books or books about corrupt governments.


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