Classic Parallels


I am currently reading 1984 by George Orwell, and I find it very similar to Divergent.1984 is about a man named Winston Smith who has been questioning the government he lives in for a while now, which is a crime in his world. Divergent is a story about a government in which every separated into factions or groups based on personality traits. Most of Divergent focuses on a girl named Tris and how she lives in this world despite being different. I really enjoy 1984 right now although it’s kind of slow in some parts of the story. Divergent has more of a set plot than 1984, but I think that’s just because of the time periods both novels are written in. Books now a days have to be more exciting to keep readers interesting. I like the idea of 1984 better than Divergent, because of the Big Brother figure who watches over everyone. I like that our main protagonist is middle age, while the protagonist in Divergent is a teenager. The fact that 1984 shows you that even grown ups can feel like an outsider in their own community is very different from books nowadays who focus more on the teens in the world. The Proles and the Factionless are very similar in the sense that they both feel like outcasts in their community and are cast aside.


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